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Elon Musk, SpaceX aim to launch upgraded Mars rocket prototype this week
CNET - 5 months ago
SpaceX has conducted high-altitude test flights of prototypes SN8 through SN11 and has long planned to integrate what Musk has called "major upgrades" into SN15. Now the company is skipping SN12, SN13 and SN14,

Rimac's next electric hypercar is going to be blindingly quick
YAHOO!News - 5 months ago
From a rather inauspicious start in 2011, Rimac Automobili quickly made a name for itself with its first production car, the Concept One. As impressive as that debut effort may have been, Rimac's next electric hypercar is set to blow those benchmarks out of the water.

China's Mars rover gets a fitting name: Zhurong, for god of fire
CNET - 5 months ago
China typically keeps many of its space program details under wraps, but over the weekend the China National Space Administration announced the name of the rover it's sent to Mars: Zhurong, for the god of fire from ancient Chinese mythology.

Cultivated seaweed can soak up excess nutrients plaguing human health and marine life
Science Daily - 5 months ago
It's easy to think that more nutrients -- the stuff life needs to grow and thrive -- would foster more vibrant ecosystems. Yet nutrient pollution has in fact wrought havoc on marine systems, contributing to harmful algae blooms,

Silicon could be a photonics game-changer
Science Daily - 5 months ago
New research has shown that silicon could be one of the most powerful materials for photonic informational manipulation - opening up new possibilities for the production of lasers and displays.

Apple fined $12M in Russia over alleged app market abuse
AppleInsider - 5 months ago
Russia has fined Apple $12 million for breaking monopoly laws, over claims the iPhone maker is allegedly abusing its dominant position in the mobile apps marketplace. In August 2020, the Russian ...

Top-performing TBIs reap honors for elevating PHL start-up ecosystem
BusinessMirror - 5 months ago
OUTSTANDING technology business incubators (TBIs) in the country were recently feted in the first PH Startup Incubator Awards for their accomplishments in producing impactful programs and promising new entrepreneurial ventures.

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