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Geology helps astronomers find habitable planets
Science Daily - 5 months ago
Astronomers have identified more than 4,000, and counting, confirmed exoplanets -- planets orbiting stars other than the sun -- but only a fraction have the potential to sustain life. Now, new research is using the geology of early planet formation to help identify those that may be capable of supporting life.

Data backup company Acronis secures $250M to expand datacenter footprint
VentureBeat - 5 months ago
Acronis has closed a $250M funding round at a valuation significantly higher than its previous post-money amount.

Forest fires drive expansion of savannas in the heart of the Amazon - 5 months ago
White-sand savannas are expanding in the heart of the Amazon as a result of recurring forest fires, according to a study published in the journal Ecosystems.

Structures of a non-ribosomal peptide synthetase condensation domain suggest the basis of ...
Nature - 5 months ago
Non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs) are multi-modular enzymes assembling complex natural products. Here, the structures of a Thermobifida fusca NRPS condensation domain bound to the substrate-bearing peptidyl carrier protein (PCP) domain provide insight into the mechanisms of substrate selectivity and engagement within the catalytic pocket.

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