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How 3D printers are being used in the manufacturing industry
YAHOO!News - 5 months ago
A new generation of heavy-duty 3D printers is increasingly being employed for industrial manufacturing.Why it matters: 3D printers have long been used to speed the making of prototypes, but the growing ability to design and print a range of materials means they are becoming an integral part of the manufacturing chain.

Hubble observes a giant planet growing as it gobbles up dust and gas
Digital Trends - 5 months ago
Planets come in many compositions and sizes, and they can grow considerably larger than even the gas giants in our solar system. One such giant planet, PDS 70b, is two to three times the radius of Jupiter,

What happens when lines blur between real and virtual beauty through filters?
ABC - 5 months ago
He described his work as an art form, where the human face is his virtual canvas. "I don't try to go over the top because I don't want to change so much," he told ABC News. "When you start loving something that you're not,

Lossless streaming option for Apple Music may launch within weeks
AppleInsider - 5 months ago
Apple is rumored to be preparing to reveal a high-fidelity feature for Apple Music within weeks, potentially alongside the launch of third-generation AirPods.

A SpaceX Dragon will make the 1st nighttime splashdown with astronauts in 53 years and you can watch it live - 5 months ago
You can watch SpaceX's Crew-1 Dragon undocking here and on the homepage, courtesy of NASA TV. NASA's livestream will begin at 6 p.m. EDT (2200 GMT) and will continue unt

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